Self Expression

I’ve always been one who wants to get to the bottom of things, to find out the who, what, and why.  My path has been riddled with many distractions, but never has my yearning for truth failed.

I am satisfied with some of the progress in my struggle for answers, and I sought a venue to share my findings and invite opinions and commentary from other truth seekers.

This place is a mess (the world), and someone needs to do something about it.  No, Geezus is not going to come flying out of the sky and make it all better, so quit laying around and waiting for it you lazy ass.

college student studying

2 responses to “Self Expression

  1. Hey keep it up. I been thinking about starting one up again to.

  2. Yes, stay strong and brave. The truth always comes to the truth seekers. Thank you for the like on the “Butterfly Effect”. I believe it is true. Even the butterfly effect works in dreams. I know this as a fact.
    I had just got done reading the book called, “Treblinka” . It was one of the saddest stories I had ever read. I had this dream of hiding from the Nazi’s. My hubby and I were hiding in the basement of this huge commercial building. We hid behind the furnace utility room. It had a window screen that I could see out but they could not see in. We heard the Nazis marching down the steps. I looked at my hubby and I put my finger to my lips and I said, “Shh, babe, be quiet, and pretend you are sleeping”.
    He said, “Okay”. He closed his eyes and then he started snoring super loud.
    Before, I could stop him, the Nazi’s marching by stopped in front of the window screen. OMG, I thought i was a goner and thats when I said, “Donna, this is a dream”! I all of a sudden, woke up and stood up in bed. I knew I was safe, but there was my hubby snoring away. It was so loud. The butterfly effect is even true in snoring. 🙂

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