Phonetic Alphabet

Once again I’ve encountered a situation which required me to recite an alpha-numeric part number over the phone, along with the usual confusion over, “was that a ‘T’ or a ‘P’?”  I fumble and stutter trying to find a suitable word to clarify, and I finally stumble on something after a couple of embarrassing attempts. (‘Toy’, no wait, that could be ‘Boy’, ok, how about, ‘Train’ , nope, that could be ‘Pain’, Arrrgh!)

I once again resolve to learn my phonetic alphabet.

Here is a useful table of the FAA phonetic alphabet and Morse code chart;

FAA Phonetic Alphabet and Morse Code chart.

Didn’t know the abc’s could get so complicated.

One response to “Phonetic Alphabet

  1. Now we can start talking in Morse code… No one will understand…

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