Notes on Religion and Myth

Notes on Religion and Myth

Some interesting thoughts from a man who’s run the religious gamut.  He’s very good at examining  those questions we tend to stuff away…, he pulls them out, studies them, and calls what he sees.  The conclusions he comes to usually fit.

“…II Corinthians 3 is a repudiation of living by the gramma – the written or inscribed text. Paul’s “not under the law” means not under gramma/ graphe/torah! So too for Paul as for “John”, the word of God is not equated with the written or inscribed text. To be led by the Spirit (Gal 4:22) is not living out a book religion. Nowhere, absolutely nowhere, does Jesus, “John” or Paul advocate anything that remotely approaches a Protestant Sola-Scripture which is really a kind of Judaism redivivus. This kind of religion has actually made the Bible their Christ, and it has to be said that those who make all these fantastical claims for the Bible are in reality very very ignorant of what the Bible claims for itself….”


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