Fun with Heteronyms!

Heteronyms are words that are spelled identically but have different meanings when pronounced differently.  

The English language has some curve balls doesn’t it?

Some examples below;

affect – (ah-FECT) to change; (AF-fect) feeling or emotion
alternate – (ALT-er-nit) another choice; (ALT-er-NAIT) switch back and forth
appropriate – (ap-PROPE-ri-ATE) to take possession of; (ap-PROPE-ri-it) suitable
are – (AIR) 100 square meters (a hundredth of a hectare); (AHR) plural present tense of “to be”
arithmetic – (a-RITH-me-tic) a branch of mathematics; (AIR-ith-MET-ic) characteristic of arithmetic
attribute – (at-TRIB-ute) to ascribe; (AT-trib-ute) characteristic
axes – (AX-ez) plural of axe; (AX-eez) plural of axis
bass – (BASE) a stringed instrument; (BASS) a fish
bow – (rhymes with “how”) to incline the head in greeting; also, front of a ship; (rhymes with “tow”) weapon that shoots arrows
bowed – (rhymes with “how’d”) inclined the head in greeting; (rhymes with “towed”) bent
buffet – (BUF-fet) to hit; (buf-FAY, boof-FAY) a meal at which guests serve themselves from dishes on display
close – (CLOZE) to shut; (CLOHSS) nearby
combine – (COM-bine) threshing machine; (com-BINE) put together
conduct – (CON-duct) behavior; (con-DUCT) to direct or manage
conflict – (CON-flict) disagreement or fight; (con-FLICT) to be in opposition
console – (CON-sole) upright case; also, computer terminal; (con-SOLE) to comfort
consort – (CON-sort) companiobn or partner; (con-SORT) to keep company
construct – (CON-struct) something constructed; (con-STRUCT) to assemble
content – (CON-tent) substantive part; (con-TENT) satisfied
contest – (CON-test) competition; (con-TEST) to dispute
contract – (CON-tract) agreement; (con-TRACT) to shrink or to agree on a project
convert – (CON-vert) one whose belief was changed; (con-VERT) to change one’s belief
converse – (CON-verse) opposite; (con-VERSE) to talk
convict – (CON-vict) prisoner; (con-VICT) to find guilty
crooked – (CROOKD) bended; (CROOK-ed) bent
deliberate – (de-LIB-er-ate) carefully considered; (de-lib-er-ATE) to consider
desert – (DES-ert) arid region; (de-SERT) to leave; also, something deserved
digest – (DIE-jest) collection of published material; (die-JEST) absorb nutrients
do – (DOO) to accomplish; (DOE) musical note
does – (DUZ) performs; (DOZE) multiple female deer
dove – (rhymes with “love”) a bird; (rhymes with “hove”) jumped off
drawer – (DROR) compartment that is opened by pulling out; (DRAW-er) one who draws
ellipses – (ee-LIP-sez) plural of ellipse; (ee-LIP-seez) plural of ellipsis
entrance – (EN-trance) entry way; (en-TRANCE) to captivate
evening – (EVE-ning) the time of day between afternoon and night; (EVE-en-ing) making even
excuse – (EX-cuze) to let someone off; (ex-KYEWSS) justifying explanation
house – (HOWSS) building that serves as living quarters; (HOWZ) to provide with living quarters
incense – (IN-cense) substance that produces a pleasant aroma when burned; (in-CENSE) to anger
intern – (IN-tern) a worker in training; (in-TERN) confine to a prescribed area
invalid – (IN-val-id) someone who is sick or disabled; (in-VAL-id) not valid
laminate – (LAM-in-it) a layered construct; (LAM-in-ATE) to construct by layering
lather – (hard “th”) foam or suds; (soft “th”) one who installs lath (lattice)
lead – (LEED) to guide; (LED) a metallic element
minute – (MIN-it) sixty seconds; (my-NOOT) tiny
moderate – (MOD-er-it) not excessive or extreme; (mod-er-ATE) to preside over
mow – (rhymes with “cow”) pile of hay stored in a barn; (rhymes with “tow”) to cut grass
multiply – (MULT-i-PLY) to perform the mathematical operation of multiplication on; (MULT-i-plee) in a multiple manner
number – (NUM-ber) a discrete value or quantity; (NUM-mer) more numb
nun – (NUN) women in a religious order; (NOON) the fourteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet
object – (OB-ject) thing; (ob-JECT) to protest
overhead – (OVE-er-head) operating expenses; also, an overhead projector; (ov-er-HEAD) high; above the level of the head
pasty – (PAY-stee) like glue; (PASS-tee) meat pie
pate – (PATE) top of the head; (PAT) porcelain paste; (pa-TAY) a minced food
perfect – (PER-fect) flawless; (per-FECT) to make flawless
periodic – (PEER-ee-ODD-ic) occasional; (PURE-eye-ODD-ic) an iodine compound
permit – (PER-mit) document giving permission; (per-MIT) to allow
present – (PREZ-ent) gift; (pre-ZENT) to introduce
primer – (PRIHM-er) elementary book; (PRY-mer) undercoat of paint
produce – (PRO-duce) vegetables; (pro-DUCE) bring forth
project – (PRO-ject) task; (pro-JECT) to forecast; also, to show a movie
protest – (PRO-test) an objection; (pro-TEST) to object
pussy – (PUHS-ee) having pus; (POOH-see) kitten
raven – (RAY-ven) a black bird; (RAV-en) hungry
rebel – (REB-el) one who refuses allegiance or opposes (re-BEL) to refuse allegiance or oppose
record – (REC-ord) a documented account; (re-CORD) to set down to preserve
recreation – (REC-ree-A-shun) entertaining or relaxing pastime; (REE-cree-A-shun) something that is remade, recreated
refuse – (REF-yoos) garbage; (ref-YOOZ) to deny
relay – (REE-lay) a race in which members of a team take turns racing; (ree-LAY) to lay again; (rih-LAY) to pass along
repeat – (RE-peat) repeated television show; (re-PEAT) to perform again
rerun – (RE-run) repeated television show; (re-RUN) to run again
resign – (re-ZINE) to quit; (re-SIGN) to sign again
resume – (ree-ZOOM) to restart; (REH-zoom-ay) document of professional experience
row – (rhymes with “cow”) a fight; (rhymes with “tow”) a series of objects; also, to propel a boat with oars
sake – (SAKE) purpose; (SAH-kee) alcoholic drink
secreted – (SEE-cret-ed) placed out of sight; (see-CREET-ed) emitted
separate – (SEP-ar-ATE) to set apart; (SEP-ret) not joined together
sewer – (SOE-wer) one who sews; (SOO-wer) channel for human waste
slough – (rhymes with “tough”) outer layer or covering that is shed; (rhymes with “cow”) a hole filled with deep mud or mire; (rhymes with “through”) a marsh
sow – (rhymes with “cow”) a pig; (rhymes with “tow”) to plant seed
subject – (SUB-ject) the theme; also, one ruled by another; (sub-JECT) to force upon
suspect – (SUS-pect) one suspected of a crime; (sus-PECT) to have suspicion
tear – (TARE) to rip; (TEER) a drop of the clear liquid emitted by the eye
unionized – (YOON-yon-ized) belonging to a union; (un-I-on-ized) not converted into ions
wind – (rhymes with “find”) to coil up; (WINNED) moving air
wound – (WOOND) to injure; (WOWND) coiled up

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