Jews Promote Homosexuality


Jews Promote Homosexuality

In an earlier version of this posting, I attempted to compare the required acceptance of queer behavior to that of an odd co-worker. It failed miserably to express the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ feel of enforced cultural acceptance of queerdom.  

So here is my updated version, sans miserable coworker comparison;

No surprise to anyone paying attention.

The fact that a group that comprises such a small percentage, (less than 2%) of the population, practices deviant, unhealthy behavior, and yet garners so much favorable media attention, should be raising flags to the rest of us. Something is behind this, someone is promoting this for a reason.

Jews are promoting this, and it is effective. It is the cultural breakdown of this country.  To weaken the social structure  in order to gain more control. The Jew is present in every attempt to restrict freedoms in this country and in every effort to encourage immigration of undesirables.

Long list of Jewish homo enablers at link.


2 responses to “Jews Promote Homosexuality

  1. I knew, and yet I clicked.

  2. “I knew, and yet I clicked.”
    Apparently, looking at the stats, you had a look around. Maybe something inside has a clue that something is amiss?

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