Finding Yourself

Nice, quick layout of where we are at. I looked back at my life growing up as I read this and said, “yes, yes, yes.”
I live in an area not directly affected by all this diversity, yet. The distractions provided by our aggressors have blinded the blue collars to what is going on.

Aryan Street

This post is directed at the (White) newbies to race realism and those just beginning to become Jew-wise.

A campaign was started in the 60s and has continued since that time for people to “find themselves”.  Did you find yourselves yet or did you instead find yourself either poor and sick, or wealthy and unhappy, even mentally sick?

Many poor Whites (check your bank balance “middle class” folks)  wasted their YOUTH, from their teen years well into their twenties on drugs, alcohol, pointless sex, television and other vapid entertainments trying to find themselves.  They wasted what could have been the most productive years of their lives on these things, thinking their youthful strength would last forever.  Instead, they find their middle-aged selves in financial crises all the time with only their booze, drugs and lottery tickets standing between them and suicide. 

Wealthier Whites did much of the same but live…

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