Been feeling convicted about this lately. You’re right, this is a very effective strategy against us.

Once you look at the facts, our case is easily made. Hard to bore through all the mush though.



“We all should be experiencing hassle from the authorities and corporations at this stage of the game. All of us. When we step on the beast’s toes – that is what we should expect. How could it be otherwise(?) 

Those who are in their comfort zones, getting by, by just keeping their head down low, are part of the problem; are playing into the beast’s agenda and our ultimate downfall. After all, that’s how we got in this mess in the first place. 

For us to have any level of social justice and freedom – for us all –

We have to make a stand NOW.

We have to fight back at some level NOW. 

We have stop conforming NOW. 

We have to start being naughty slaves NOW.

Rebellious serfs NOW. 

And stop selling our souls to the beast through passive myopic acquiescence.”

~ Digger

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