Bill Cosby Serial Rapist

Good illustration of how easily we can be bullshitted.

The ‘good’ negro wasn’t so good after all.


Cosby and Victims

by James Buchanan

Bill Cosby was Hollywood’s “golden Negro” for decades. He co-starred with Robert Culp in the TV series I-Spy, being one of the first Blacks to break the color barrier in that genre. Cosby later starred as a responsible father, devoted to his family and loyal to his wife during the 1980s in his famously successful sitcom. Cosby’s character was a medical doctor. It was pure Hollywood propaganda meant to paint a picture of an ideal, “intelligent” Black family.

Well, it turns out Mr. Cosby was raping women who came to him hoping for assistance with their acting or singing careers. A very clear pattern of young women being given drugs and then waking up hours later usually with no memory of what happened to them. In most cases, there was little doubt that their clothes had been removed and that they had been violated. A few women…

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