T.V. Commercials Insult White People

Advertising would have you believe that half the population are queer, and the other half race-mixers.


 “Smart” BLACK “Leader” vs  “Dumb” WHITE “Follower”
Group positioning: White woman placed next to Asian man and the White “dolt” asking Black woman out for a drink.

http://www.dailystormer.com/volvo-trying-to-jew-the-people-with-new-anti-white-commercial/BOYCOTT: Volvo


By Henry Makow, PhD

Not only does Scotiabank — Canada’s third largest bank — sell financial services, its T.V. commercials are helping Canadians of European descent to adjust to future minority status.

Scotiabank is a sponsor of the Canadian Football League (CFL). Thus, millions of Canadians repeatedly see the above advertisement  (now removed by Youtube) which depicts a well intentioned, but “stupid white couple” being instructed by a visible minority woman bank employee.

If this were a one-off television commercial, I would not be writing this. But much of this bank’s TV advertising discriminate againstWhites. IfWhite males took the roles of visible minorities and vice-versa … this…

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