Self Expression

I’ve always been one who wants to get to the bottom of things, to find out the who, what, and why. When I was a kid I would disassemble things in order to find out how they worked, and sometimes the curiosity was fatal for the particular device:/ As an adult I still have the same curiosity about things but it has now broadened into other areas non-mechanical.

I am satisfied with some of the progress in my struggle for answers, and I sought a place to express my thoughts about them without imposing on others. So I chose this format. Feel free to comment, negative or not. I am confident about the conclusions I’ve come to, and welcome rational debate.

2 responses to “About

  1. Hi, I wanted to ask you if I could use your comment on B’Man’s Revolt as a quote on my Blog? This one specifically: “I like that last one he posted. Since I’ve come to realize the truth of the matter as to what has transpired throughout history, particularly WWII, it nearly brings me to tears to think of what could have been.

    I hold a righteous hatred for the demons responsible for the condition of the world today, and my tolerance for those who can’t see the problem is dwindling by the hour. If people can see that there is a problem, and don’t get off their asses and figure it out, then they are part of the problem.”
    There is so much truth in your words. Thank you in advance — WR

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