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Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

We are like sheep, herded around as needed.

Systems and formulas developed for husbandry of humankind.

Break your mind free of the matrix.

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars


‘Facebook Analytics’ or, ‘Let us Dissect Your Brains’

Who likes who?

Who likes what?

Who shares what, with who?

Comments, comments, comments.  What’s the content of your comments?

What do you like?, do you like this?, do you like that?


Who are your friends?  Who are your friends friends?  What do they like?

What is your hometown?, Where were you…

They have supercomputers these days capable of analyzing mind boggling amounts of information.  Just think what could be done with a tool like facebook.

I’m sure that those with an interest in manipulating the masses are using these tools to the full extent of their capabilities.  They know us better than we do.

Just something to think about…


Biomimicry: the Future Imitation of Life

As with most technology, I see that the critical eye of the masses is dimmed.  New devices come with built in surveillance and no one bats an eye.

Biomimicry: the Future Imitation of Life.

Amusing ourselves to death

Looks like Huxley won, but Orwell isn’t far behind.