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Media Coverup Fails: Russian Secret Weapon Turns US Warship into Floating Coffin

This whole nation is now sitting dead in the water. The setup is near completion, it’s only a matter of time before the big KO comes.


The USS Donald Cook.  Click to enlarge. The USS Donald Cook. Click to enlarge.

I saw this story last night but did not post it then due to being caught up in other stories.

The mainstream media have ignored this story, but it’s leaking out. The Russian Khibiny is an electronic device that can shut down a high tech US warship’s systems.

The US can demonize Russia and Vladimir Putin all they like, painting him as the new Hitler, but he’s got his own way of fighting back.

With more than just empty words.

Lew Rockwell

An unarmed Russian bomber in April flew over a high-tech U.S. ship. A crew member pressed a button. Poof! No more missile defense system on the ship. No more radar. The ship became a defenseless floating coffin.

Then the plane flew over the blind ship a dozen times. Basically, it was “Nyah, nyah, nyah.”

This story got no play in American…

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