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‘Facebook Analytics’ or, ‘Let us Dissect Your Brains’

Who likes who?

Who likes what?

Who shares what, with who?

Comments, comments, comments.  What’s the content of your comments?

What do you like?, do you like this?, do you like that?


Who are your friends?  Who are your friends friends?  What do they like?

What is your hometown?, Where were you…

They have supercomputers these days capable of analyzing mind boggling amounts of information.  Just think what could be done with a tool like facebook.

I’m sure that those with an interest in manipulating the masses are using these tools to the full extent of their capabilities.  They know us better than we do.

Just something to think about…


Wikipedia – Biased editing

Wikipedia touts itself as an encyclopedia that anyone can edit.  Of course there is a process involved with this that is supposed to encourage accurate entries.  It is in this process where the problem lies.

Here is an article about a CalTech graduate student who created an online scanner to trace Wikipedia edits.  The scanner has now been taken down, naturally.  Such a tool casts too much light on the chicanery of Wikipedia editing.

On November 17th, 2005, an anonymous Wikipedia user deleted 15 paragraphs from an article on e-voting machine-vendor Diebold, excising an entire section critical of the company’s machines. While anonymous, such changes typically leave behind digital fingerprints offering hints about the contributor, such as the location of the computer used to make the edits.

In this case, the changes came from an IP address reserved for the corporate offices of Diebold itself. And it is far from an isolated case. A new data-mining service launched Monday traces millions of Wikipedia entries to their corporate sources, and for the first time puts comprehensive data behind longstanding suspicions of manipulation, which until now have surfaced only piecemeal in investigations of specific allegations.

Wikipedia Scanner — the brainchild of Cal Tech computation and neural-systems graduate student Virgil Griffith — offers users a searchable database that ties millions of anonymous Wikipedia edits to organizations where those edits apparently originated, by cross-referencing the edits with data on who owns the associated block of internet IP addresses.

Another article about the Wikipedia scanner;

The following are some excerpts from a forum thread about Wikipedia;

Wikipedia carries the cosy veneer of community in that it’s the ‘free Encyclopedia which anyone can edit’. What they fail to mention on the site’s front page, however, is that moderation groups for the site are Jewish, and that the site’s policies cater to Jewish manipulation of the content. It’s not so much a quality control drive as a content control one. It’s much like modern society – you are free in as much as you can do what you please within the demarcated areas. Jews are masters of using the ‘freedom’ term in order to manipulate the masses.

Israeli college offers course in Wikipedia editing;

So, the point here is that Wikipedia can not be considered a reliable source concerning most subjects.  You might find an accurate history of the ‘Jack in the Box.’, but I wouldn’t count on it.