All alone

I now know true loneliness. I thought I had experienced it before, and maybe I’m not at full depth, but I’m deep as I’ve ever been.

When your views on politics, religion, and relationships alienate all but a few far flung internet friends, then things get lonely.

I have what I would call ‘surface’ friends. We get along on shallow subjects and respect one another enough not to step into disagreeable subjects, so when it comes to things that really matter to me I have to stay mute.

This is really troubling for me because I’ve studied these matters intensely for a good many years, and painstakingly put the pieces together, and possess a clarity about things that most can’t fathom. Yet they call me an uneducated nut job.

The world needs us badly, and rejects us vehemently, and we still plow on with our mission because it is the

truth that we fought long and hard for that possesses us and fuels us. We know it to be truth in our core, it is all that matters to us now, despite our personal lives falling to pieces.

I’ve lost the respect and friendship of my wife, daughter, brother, sister, friends, coworkers, yet I remain unfazed regarding my beliefs.

I don’t know what my place is in this bondage of truth, but I’m stuck with it and I sure hope it pays off somewhere down the line.

JFK, the ‘God’ meme, and true freedom(or lack of…)

JFK was a little before my time, but in my time if witnessed the slow crumble and have solved the mystery of “why?”

This blogger spells some of it out, though the rabbit hole goes deep and the tentacles reach everywhere.

Name any morally destructive, cultural thing and look to its promoters and you will find the jew.

via What I’ve Learned Since the JFK Assassination


Photos from a week in the DPRK

This gallery contains 38 photos.

Originally posted on In Gaza:
Children in Pyongyang Orphanage before performing drumming. August 29, 2017. From August 24-31, I visited the DPRK (North Korea) as part of a very small delegation interested in hearing from North Koreans themselves about their…

Free Classical Guitar Lessons

Very informative lessons.  Be sure to make time to practice!


Zika: the gene-editing fix that will blow you away

Reckless megalomaniacs playing with the gene pool.

Combat kit: Anti-JWO, pro-humanity affirmations, by Trevor LaBonte

Source: Combat kit: Anti-JWO, pro-humanity affirmations, by Trevor LaBonte

Witness at San Bernadino describes three tall, athletic white men.

Witness at San Bernadino describes shooters as, “three tall, athletic white men”

Stay on target

Interesting that these two groups are the most zealous in terms of religion, and do the most killing in the name of God. One wonders just what god it is that they serve.

Reporter: All News Is Fake, Controlled By Government And Intelligence Agencies Reporter: All News Is Fake, Controlled By Government And Intelligence Agencies


Just ran across this, haven’t read it yet.  Will post a synopsis soon.


English PDF available here;  Radical Press – 200 YEARS TOGETHER